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Well, I know it's been a good while since I've been on here, and I know it's for a good reason..confused? Yes I know there's a lot of things to understand, and give me a moment of your time (thanks for that for reading by the way :D (Big Grin) ) and I'll explain:

I was away from here because I have been planning this for a while and I'm still in the process of the story I'm making. I have been reading stories of the known Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers group and followed a lot of stories which have become my favorite stories ever by a lot of people and some of my favorites (Haychel's TeaDino's Team Spikes and a few others btw omg I just love those stories eEEEEEEEeeeEe :happybounce: Giggle La la la la *ok calm down :SuddenRealization: *) which I love has ignited a fire in me that's indescribable to get started of a story with a group I wanted to create, and I noticed creating the story isn't as easy as it seems. Sweating a little...  But with a lot of brainstorming sessions, I've been working on a back-story to create for my pmde team and I already have two members to start up with one of the main leaders to get started on. I'm still making the effort to finish up the pre-story before anything else, and that the more I work on the story, the more details get put into place, and I'm hoping to ask a few people I know for cameos (my favorite writers of pmde with permission because I have some ideas running into my head and it makes me want to continue going) I'm hoping when I ask that they would allow me to do so I'll be nervous on that. :o (Eek) (If not I would understand and scrap part of those cameos out and cry, but it's okay)

What's that? You want to know who my team is? Well, for one thing my teams name came up from when I was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity and that teams name is: Team Kinetic. I know it's moving things, but we're always moving and stuff, and I decided to stick to that name when the idea first came to mind I wanted something different and that just clicked with me. (it sounds cool though too I'm not sure if that would make any sense uhhh (right then)) OMG MOAR POEMS! 

As for my two characters in the story so far, I'm having a Buizel and a Riolu on for the team for now. These ideas came to mind for a while, and I've been working on it with their ways and thinking :happybounce:  Sadly though, I'll be hoping to show them in a pmde profile cameo hopefully soon in a future journal--I'm not fully ready to show them yet as I'm still working out the details for them but I will show them soon! I just need a bit more time to finish. Sweating a little... 

I noticed one thing that a lot of deviants here can do and they can draw really amazing things which is awesome, but unfortunately, I'm not a fully experienced drawer. :( (Sad)  Although I am taking a lot of practice, I will do for the time being make the stories out on text and maybe in the future make them into comics which I would really love to do and it would express my stories even more into detail but for now it would mostly be text..Waaaah! but that's a good thing! I'm really good at making long stories and my mind is always thinking of new ideas of creativity when I come to mind. I hope to become a better drawer and I would always love tips and ideas (and a few lessons) to get better Meow :3 

But as of recent, I found that pmde was closing it's doors a few months ago Oh Noes!  (it's really sad :( (Sad))  and that mission 8 was going to be the final mission...Well, I have noticed this and I'm still in debate whether or not if I should just start with my pre-story and continue to catch up with the missions? Or should I just continue on from the stories? I don't know...if I start back from mission 1 or it's against the rules...well, that's for another time. Maybe I can come up with an idea...I hope so...Grump 

I just wanted to say thank you to who have been visiting my profile page it means a lot, and I hope in the future I'll keep going on updating with more journals. Thank you for reading my long journal, and hopefully I can finish my pre story with more info for my pmde team soon!



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Hey there I'm redrover! Nice to meet/greet you! I'm a browser and hobbyist looking at cool pictures and admiring them. I'm a huge fan of pokemon and a array of video games, so that's mostly where my category is. I'm just starting to make drawings and when I make a drawing I give it with a compassion and making something to give it my best (I'm still a beginner and still learning to practice!) but when it comes to the other deviants here who give passion and heart to the drawings which a lot are truly amazing and give me inspiration and encouragement to keep trying. And er yep...*insert awesome ending here* :D

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