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Shooting Arrows while Being Lost in the Dark by redrover520
Shooting Arrows while Being Lost in the Dark
"Taking time to draw is serious business. Try practicing with a Pen first--"

A PEN? Wait, really? Why not a pencil?

*gets smacked across the head with a newspaper* Ow...;-;

"...The pen will teach you that if you make a mistake, you have to accept it until it's finished. This will help you out with a term called "Patience". THEN after you learn from those mistakes, you can go to a pencil for your other drawings/sketches learning from your MISTAKES."

.... .

Highly doubt using a pen THE WHOLE TIME helps, but markers for finalization would be useful. Always learning....


I regret making those mistakes I made. See the dark blue shades, and Buizels arms, and his yellow flotation neck?? Yeah. *Stops drops and rolls around on the floor* Practice makes perfect, but I gotta learn how to control my speed and patience. Something I'm not fond of as I'm always making things fast. (Not Sonic fast (You saw that coming didn't you I know you did), but I'm used to moving around a lot quickly. Need to learn to take my time.)

"If you don't stop and take a look around once in a while, you'll miss it."

Yeah, yeah. But hey. I'm learning, and each little bit will help me get better. Learning everything on my own, but also gaining help from a mentor (who I'm thankful for but is a pain who wants to help out in their best way possible because they care,) and inspiration from other artists is part of the fun. I may not be good now, but I know with practice, I'll get there.

Eventually. Can't exceed over almost anything in a single day anyway. Takes time.

This piece was inspired by this as I'm trying to learn how to draw Pokémon better, and make illustrations for my PMDE Prolouge story! More of like a mirror for me to practice with to understand drawing as I will eventually have to run with better until I get better easing my way to drawing what I want.


This is more of a personal piece for me emotionally. Making this for not really doing anything these last few months. See. A parent I knew passed away back in July this year. It was so sudden. Their heart gave out....but I had one emotional goodbye before they least they passed away in their sleep.

I miss you everyday, and I know you would want me to always try to keep going no matter how the outcome was. With life basically.

I feel you in spirit everyday....

I won't get too personal with my past, because I know no one is really going to care or explaining a sob story won't matter. It's not your sad story. Because the pain you feel, can't be described. Only felt.

That's what I learned these last few months. By people. By Talking. And by learning that communication is really powerful if you "choose" to speak out. Like I am now.

That's the Lone Wolf Stubborness in me. You'd be surprised at how stubborn I REALLY am haha! XD


Anyway, why did I make this art piece if you're wondering?

 It was inspired by the song "Broken Arrows" by Avicii from his album "Stories". This song hit me hard after hearing it when it released in October, and this song actually hit me like a nail on the head..and I went into the dark state acting like a lone wolf after they passed away. Feelings started to flood back. And I started caring again.

I really didn't care about anyone or anything for a while. I just did a lot of stuff on my own. I wasn't like my usual self.

To be honest, I felt awful, and that wasn't me.

I also needed an excuse to start practice drawing again. Doing nothing didn't help. So doing something again helps.

I was wounded, I was hurt, and I didn't want to do anything for a good while. Guess I'm the Buizel in this pic, not sure if I should put my trust in the light. Been there. Was put down too many times with hope, and been shot down.

But it always felt SO GOOD to be dragged back into the felt GOOD being alone. Like nothing else mattered in life anymore.

And then there's people out there who are like "OMG NEVER GIVE UP" and all that jazz. Or "STOP BEING A NEGATIVE NANCY AND BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE". You know what? I got tired of people saying that. To a point where I got sick of it. When they said that to me, my response that I shot back was:

"You ever been emotionally broken? You ever been depressed so hard that you can't feel happy anymore? Where you know that you loved someone is gone forever? Have you EVER. FELT. THAT?"


That's how I felt. Bitter. Angry from people trying to make me feel positive. It didn't help me. It just made things worse.

Pretty (ironic) huh?

When you're down, you're down. That's all there is you can do to it. Time heals wounds, but it depends on how long that takes.

It doesn't help that if you were super close to someone that they're gone forever, and you can't see them again, really sucks.

But I wouldn't want to wish that on you. Or anyone else. EVER. That would suck! ):

But I guess being alone after a while? And doing a few things on my own helped me out tremendously. I mean TRE. MEN. DOUS. LY.

I'm ready to step back up now.


Piece of advice! Never get mad at someone while you're suffering from a loss! It ain't worth it! I've learned that the hard way. It's not worth it, because going through a loss CAN and WILL bring some dark sides out of some people...I've done it. ^ See what I did there? Do I regret it?

Yeah. 10000000000000000% yeah. I apologized to those people, because they were just trying to help me. But they understood the pain I went through and wanted to help with that with the people knowing me personally. They know what I'm going through and have been a tremendous help trying to help me.

Sorry about saying that to you reading this as well. That's just my "feelings" that I have towards this entire outcome of trying to make things right.

Everyone suffers through a loss differently.

Anyway. Getting off topic.

Back to topic~

So to those if you're waiting for the story, I'm sorry to make you wait. Just wait a bit longer....I'm picking up the pieces from a loss, and I'm working on it as fast as I can go.

I'm like.....70% complete with Chapter 3, and I'm working on the Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 illustrations too! I just want to make them look good!


Funny how most people take their time for a loss. It can take months. Years even to move on.

I'm holding on and moving on at the same time. Because that's how stubborn I really am.

You don't know how grateful I am though.

"Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never stop DREAMING."

But this is a piece for me to get started and to get back up and keep trying and going with what I want to do.

After all...."You can't keep a good person down for long." Or in my nicknames case from movie"All Dogs go to Heaven", there was a quote from a song that was "You can't keep a good dog down!~" :)

Here's the link if you're interested in listening to the song "Broken Arrows".…

Also, here's the original link to the Buizel that I mirrored from I believe the Diamond and Pearl Manga.…

I'm learning digital paint programs as well. I now learned that drawing something first, I have to learn the tools and tricks of backgrounds including the drawing and such. As I go, I think about things, and they start to click. This is really fun and exciting to do as well. Gotta start from somewhere, and this is it!

In case if you're wondering, this is the 1st time making a hybrid between a pen and digital coloring! Not too shabby for my 1st try. Next up is learning backgrounds, and making digital art alone, and to make things much MUCH better overall! Step by step....

BTW, what's that behind AND in front of the Buizel?? Someone evil? Someone good? Don't ask me! Only you can guess that answer! There's no wrong one either!

Also. One last thing.

If you have your parents around. (Doesn't matter who it is.) If you have family around. If you have friends around..even if you are by yourself on your own, and you still talk to SOMEONE....

Take a moment out of your day to give them a hug, handshake, high five, and tell them you're thankful they're around. <3

Seriously. I'm not joking. No matter how BAD or EVIL they are, love them.

You never know a day when they might go.

Drawn by me redrover520
Buizel belongs to The Pokémon Company/Nintendo
The drawing link belongs to "The Pokémon Company, and the Manga Artist, and the company that published it (Dunno who they would be sorry!)
Time to do that Planet saving thing! by redrover520
Time to do that Planet saving thing!
Sonic: "C'mon Mario! We have a planet to save!"

Mario: "Let's-a-gooo!"

Mysterious Voice: "To save the world, one Plumber and one Hedgehog must unite to create wind and fire to make the perfect star and defeat their enemies...but not their own. They have to face the opposite. They are our last hope!"

*Mario and Sonic team up to bring life in the world in one epic way to save the day*

"In this world, where one is all~...."

Hey, a fan can dream alright? I've been wanting a Mario and Sonic adventure game too. All we get is the Olympics...:(

Announcer: "GAME SET!"

Picture was taken by me, redrover520 
Sonic belongs to Sega (SEGAAAAAAAA)
Mario belongs to Nintendo
And of course, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS belongs to Nintendo/Hal Laboratory
Why can't we be enemies? by redrover520
Why can't we be enemies?
Bowser: *Bowser puts his clawed hand on Sonic's shoulder* "...C'mon Hedgehog! How about it?"

Sonic: "Sorry Koops, no can do! You know we can't fight against each other unless we have a Adventure crossover! At least we're in the Olympics together though right Mario?"

Mario: *Turns back towards the two* "Mhm!" *Nods in agreement and turns around fighting against some fire*

Bowser: *Rolls his eyes in disgust* "Yeah, least we're here now...."

Sonic: "True. And it's way past cool I'm still here! But hey, if you want, I can fight you some other time here in Smash! Bowso É Hedgeo!"

Bowser: "Like how you always face Eggman at everything?"

Sonic: "Well yeah! But I usually always win."

Bowser: "HAHAHAHA! WELL LET'S GO SOMETIME HEDGY!" *Bowser is getting riled up with excitement*

Mario: "Mama-mia..." *Mario facepalms from the conversation*

If only if only~...

But hey, one can dream right?

Announcer: "NO. GAME."


Crowd: "BOOOOOOO..."

Picture was taken by me, redrover520 
Sonic belongs to Sega (SEGAAAAAAAA)
Mario and Bowser belong to Nintendo
And of course, Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS belongs to Nintendo/Hal Laboratory
The Flame, the flame! by redrover520
The Flame, the flame!
*Mario and Sonic was in a heated friendly Smash battle until a fire randomly appears out of thin air*


Mario: "WOAHHHHH!" *Get's into a fighting stance*

*The fire dissappears into thin air*

Mario: "?" *He has a puzzled look on his face and tells Sonic it's gone*

Sonic: *Sonic looks over from Mario's shoulder and see's it's gone* "Phew...I think that was a fire ghost or someone from the past trying to tell us something? Hope it was no one serious....."

Mario: "Hmm...*Shrugs and suggest's to getting back to Smashing*

Sonic: *Smiles* "You got it buddy!...Just...just don't tell anyone about this okay? It'd be WAY too embarassing...Can't believe I'd have been acting like Luigi for a few seconds there!"

Mario: "....."


You'd think Sonic would be more afraid of water...

But I mean hey, if you saw fire floating like that, you'd be freaked out too. Probrably.

Announcer: "FAILURE!"


Picture was taken by me, redrover520 
Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sega (SEGAAAAAAA)
Mario belongs to Nintendo
And of course, Super Smash Bros. 3DS belongs to Nintendo/Hal Laboratory
Who's the better Fox, Fox? by redrover520
Who's the better Fox, Fox?
*Fox is clearly winning the fight in a Stock Match, but it's down to a one vs. one stock battle*

Fox: "This'll be way too easy!"

Oppenent: Oh really? *Tosses Pokéball* *Zoroark appears*

Zoroark: "RAAAAAAAGH!"

Oppenent: "Sic em!"


*Fox tries to dodge but fails and get's caught by Zoroarks trap*


Fox: *get's destroyed by Zorark and flies off screen* "NAAAAA--"




Announcer: "Ooo...not enough Barell Rolls...

I mean. GAME."


I guess you could say...*Puts on Sunglasses*

Fox wasn't quick enough.



Pretty ironic how one Fox can outsmart another....haha, the look on Fox's face is priceless! Zoroarks really cool though. Reminds me of Greninja's final smash a bit..

Picture was taken by me redrover520
Fox belongs to Nintendo
Zoroark belongs to the Pokémon Company/Nintendo
And of course, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U belongs to Hal Laboratory/Nintendo
483 days since I last posted my first chapter. (If you have not read it, and are interested in the story so far, here's the first chapter!)

  PMDE Prolouge Chapter 1 ~The Unknown Truth
Darkness. There was nothing but darkness. In this deep abyss, there is nothing to be seen and nothing to look at. Just an empty realm of nothingness that showed nothing but the cold pitch black endless surrounding of silence. Then, out of nowhere, a figure of light was starting to form, a Buizel appeared forming into this darkness. At first, the Buizel had his eyes closed as if he was sleeping soundlessly floating in the air in a upward position in the black void what looked to be an eternal slumber.
Things soon changed quickly however, when a sudden noise in the darkness that sounded like a loud boom like a thunder clapping against the sky where even the heaviest sleeper could shudder against the sound. Hearing the noise, the young Buizel awoke with a startled start bolting from his sleep and felt very cold and confused “WAH!..” Looking around quickly and started to panic, “What is this place? What am I doing here? Where am I?” He thought. The Buizel looked aro

115 days since I made an announcement about continuing the PMDE story, and making headway.

60 days to figure out how to keep my story going. (A lot of face-palms and thinking involved.)

47 days after reading something (If you are reading this, you know who you are, and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out in my dark time. You are AWESOME.)

And 20 days to make sense with my story I’m making.

But hey, who’s counting?

PMDE Prolouge Chapter 2 ~ Bits and Pieces~
    “W-what do you mean you can’t remember your name?!” cried the Riolu in panic with tears starting to form in his eyes. The others surrounding Jack had concerned and shocked looks on their faces.
“Whoa...I had no idea it could have come to this...why..?” said Jean with a sad look.
“Oh no...this isn’t good...” said Raleigh with a concerned look.
Mike on the other hand had a more serious grim face than shocked. But he was still taken a bit from the surprise. “This shouldn’t have happened...something needs to be done...” he mumbled, and started to walk away from the bed from the others towards a corner of the room ready to destroy something, but was restraining and trying to calm himself and think in frustration. He then noticed the Pokémon that were still peering in the wall. Mike began to sweat drop.
"We need to get this under control..." Mike thought quickly "Folks, don't worry about Jack..

PMDE Prolouge Chapter 2.1 ~PMDE Prolouge Chapter 2.1 ~ Retrieving is Only Just Part Of The Job
    "Man, that kid can run fast!" said a frustrated Jean who was trying to chase after the nameless Riolu that ran off from Jack and the others from earlier. They trailed him leaving the Pokèmon Village, and was heading to the outskirts of the forest.
"*Huff huff huff* Maybe if you didn't HIT HIM *huff* maybe we wouldn't be *huff huff* dealing with this mess!" said a staggering Raleigh right behind Jean trying to keep up with her.
"..." Jean felt the guilt from doing what she did to the poor Riolu from earlier. She really did. She wanted to make things right.
"Aw, c'mon Raleigh! We could use the exercise! We have been slacking off from a few missions anyway..." as she looked back with a cheesy smile. Jean was trying to make the best out of the situation of what she could.
"HA *huff* HA *huff* HAA" said Raleigh who was getting annoyed from that co

It took me a while. A really long while to figure out what to do. And to be honest, I was down for a bit. But eventually, I found a way. I’ve been in the shadows, but there’s nothing wrong with that going there. Besides, I’m taking my own pace at this. And if anything, I’m having a lot of fun. And that’s what matters.

I’m just going to pull a Pit quote here “Sorry to keep you waiting!” *flies away*

*5 minutes is up, wings return to normal, and falls from the sky*

After all that, Chapter 2 is DONE! I’m proud to have this done. I was trying to make headway with my announcement, but I couldn’t get anywhere. I guess I had a “writers block”, and I felt like giving up. I really wanted to.

“But why give up, when you can just see what happens when you’re finished with it?”

That was one of the motivations to get it done. So I just pushed myself to see, and this came out into a result.

“Sometimes you have to take the reins and steer the story all by yourself. It will help you grow as a writer.”

It happens. To everyone at some point I guess. But it’s more of a fun learning experience than anything.

“So…what now?”

Chapter 3 is in the works! (I won’t take forever with the continuation as things are finally starting to get interesting!) Until then!

Also, if you’re wondering why there isn’t an illustration(s) or anything up yet, it’s because I wanted to get my chapter done first before making the illustration myself. I know that’s a bit far off, but I’ve been delaying this chapter for over a year, soooo when it goes up, it will be there! And I’m sorry to keep anyone who is interested waiting! Thanks for your awesome support! :D


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Hey there I'm redrover! Nice to meet/greet you! I'm a browser and hobbyist looking at cool pictures and admiring them. I'm a huge fan of pokemon and a array of video games, so that's mostly where my category is. I'm just starting to make drawings and when I make a drawing I give it with a compassion and making something to give it my best (I'm still a beginner and still learning to practice!) but when it comes to the other deviants here who give passion and heart to the drawings which a lot are truly amazing and give me inspiration and encouragement to keep trying. And er yep...*insert awesome ending here* :D


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